More efficient cardiac healthcare.

Planned Services

  Please note that the following services are being developed and are not available at the moment.

Electrocardiograms must always be analyzed by a doctor, together with the patient's medical history, as a main step of the examination. If used properly, electrocardiography plays a key role in the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of many heart conditions.

Home ECG Service more efficient connection between doctors and patients

This service will allow patients to provide their doctors with frequent, reliable high-quality records. Also check out our affordable clinical-grade device designed for doctors and patients.

Interpretation Service have your heart status analyzed by a specialist

Have your ECG record (and medical history) analyzed over the internet by the heart specialist of your choice. See our open source clinical-grade device too.

Doctor-to-doctor Service extend your competence

This service will allow other doctors to send data to heart specialists and have a consultation with them.

All our services will be backed by our affordable, open source clinical-grade device designed for doctors and patients.

More information about the services is coming soon.