We are actively looking for investors to finance the final stages of development and the certification process.

We already have 2500+ subscribers (30%+ healthcare professionals), and several European monitoring companies are interested in our project which they would use as a building block for their services.

An investment of 400,000 USD would cover the costs of:

  • finalizing the device and the services
  • certification in Europe (CE mark)
  • initial marketing
  • administration.

Our non-traditional, service-based, freemium-type business model assumes that:

  • the ECG device is sold nearly at its production cost (one tenth the current market price)
  • selling the devices this way promotes and supports the use of our commercial services
  • buyers of the device are not obliged to use our services, that's why it's freemium.

Send an email to invest@mobilecg.hu for more information.