The device

Our second generation device is being developed.

We are planning to sell it as close as possible to the manufacturing cost, which is between $100 and $150 for the device and approximately $50 for the default set of cables.

12-lead holter and resting

3-wire, 5-wire and 7-wire holter

1-channel handheld and holter

Preliminary specifications:

Manufacturing Cost$100 - $150 (including packaging & testing, without the accessories)
Holter ModemicroSD Storage
5 days (1-3 channels)
1.5 days (12 channels)
500Hz, 1000Hz
Resting ModeWireless Transmission (Bluetooth)
max. 12 channels
24 hours
500Hz, 8uV noise
Standard featuresDefibrillator Protection (5 kV)
Pace Detection (2 mV, 100 μs)
Extra featuresAccelerometer (patient activity recognition)
BatteryAAA (single), rechargable
Data UploadingHigh-Speed USB, recharging from USB
Dimensions52 mm x 47 mm x 15 mm
StandardsISO 60601-1

More details about the device are coming soon. The github repository is here.

Prototype Sketch It is matchbox-sized

I want one